Do you have a dispute with your ex-partner and are unable to reach an agreement?

Mediation is a process that allows people who are in dispute over a issue to come together and attempt to find a solution with the help of a fully qualified independent mediator.

The role of the mediator is not to advise or to make decisions, but to assist the parties to arrive at their own decisions.
In family law matters, mediation can be described by several names such as Dispute Resolution Conferencing, Settlement Conferencing or by anagrams such as FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) or ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution).

The mediation set-up can vary depending on the needs of the parties. For example, sometimes people will engage their legal representatives to assist and advise during the mediation process, however often a less formal approach is taken where the parties undertake the process without legal representation. If there are issues surrounding family violence or if there is a power imbalance between the parties, mediation can take place by telephone conferencing, or by the parties being in different rooms and the mediator shuttling back and forth.

In parenting matters it is a requirement at law that parents undertake Family Dispute Resolution unless there are issues of urgency, family violence or other matters which render it inappropriate to conduct mediation.

There are many advantages in attempting to resolve family law matters by mediation which include:

  • Empowering the parties to make their own decisions rather than handing the decision making to a Judge;
  • Avoiding the costs of litigation;
  • Maintaining an amicable relationship with the other party by avoiding an adversarial process;
  • Obtaining a quicker resolution.

Some free mediation services can take up to six months before mediation occurs. A private mediation through Tempest and Associates can see your matter resolved within weeks at a premise of your choosing or at the Queensland Law Society building 179 Anne Street, Brisbane.


Inviting other party to attend, intake interviews and section 60I certificate: $250.00
Inviting other party to attend and issuing section 60I Certificate: $250.00
Half-day mediation: $1,100.00
Full day mediation: $2,200.00
Additional charges: $220.00 per hour
Cancellation rates:-
7 days prior: $220.00
48 hours prior: 50% mediation fees
Room Hire* (parties to pay) at Qld Law Society:-
Half Day: $74.25
Full Day: $148.50

* Room hire is 1 small room (3 to 4 people) and 1 medium room (up to 8 people)

If an interpreter is required additional fees will be incurred, parties to pay.
Please contact one of our nationally accredited mediators for more information on how we can help resolve your matter.